How to Decorate Cake Pops

OK, so we have successfully made the “cake balls” and now you want to know how to decorate cake pops.

First off we have to go through the process of adding the lollipop stick to the “cake ball” to make it a certified Cake Pop! This is very easy to do.

The first step is to melt some of the candy, it does not necessarily matter which flavour, as you will see why. As far as a means of melting the candy goes, you have 3 choices :

  1. Microwave, which is the easiest. Just follow the instructions on the candy melts package. Remember to use the “defrost” mode.
  2. The “double boiler” method, used by more experienced bakers, where you place the melts in a container above water and boil the water. This produces a nice even heat to melt and keep the candy melts liquid.
  3. A melting pot appliance (featured to the right) which is similar to number 2 but perhaps we could say this is the automated way! This is especially useful if you plan to make a lot of Cake Pops in the future.

Take your lollipop stick and dip it in the melted candy, covering about 2/3 of an inch of the end of the stick. You then gently push the stick into your cake ball, going about a half to 2/3 of the way through it. Do it gently because we don’t want to push the cake ball out of shape!

The idea behind doing this is to make sure the cake ball stays attached to the stick properly. Some people say half way, some say more, it is up to you, as you learn how to decorate cake pops you will develop a better sense of what you like.

easter cake pops

almost ready to decorate!

After successfully adding the lollipop stick, I put them back on the baking tray and into the refrigerator for about 20 minutes.

If you are worried about your easter cake pops getting “flat tops” or losing their shape, the other option to a baking tray is a Styrofoam pad. I generally find that if your mixture/cake pop is firm it will hold it’s shape well.

After the lollipop sticks have had time to set, the next step is to cover the cake pops with the melted candy. Pick your color…white, pink or yellow ?

To get a smooth finish on the cake pops there are a few things to keep in mind :

  • Try to keep the melted candy warm, as it will then remain relatively easy for the dipping process. If it thickens up, add some shortening. Or as Bakerella suggests, some Paramount crystals or you can use a small amount of Crisco vegetable oil.
  • If you are not using a melting pot, then the container that the melted candy is in needs to be deep enough for the cake pop to be completely immersed in. A large coffee mug is OK (try having it sit in a pan of hot water, to keep the melted candy liquid) pans or trays are not so good.
  • When you dip the cake pop in the candy, do so in one motion. Dip, twirl remove, ensuring that the candy covers the entire pop including where the lollipop stick enters the cake pop. This helps secure the cake to the stick even more!

This is where the styrofoam block or for that matter any other stand comes in handy! After successfully dipping the cake pops in the melted candy, they need to be left to set. I usually let them sit for 30 minutes or so.

Then it’s time for the fun part and where you get to use your imagination and creativity. This is the best part of decorating cake pops!

OK then, its decision time…do we make Easter Egg Cake Pops? I hope you remembered to shape them like an egg when you were rolling them…. if not then the rounder ones are really good to use as Easter Chick Cake Pops.

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